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Aug 4

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They’ll probably all be on SyFy before long, but only one of these #NewSyFyOriginals will be on tonight’s new @midnight!


By Shmorky [tumblr | twitter]


By Shmorky [tumblr | twitter]

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  • mom: who are you laughing with?
  • me: my laptop
  • This is my wife. Always.

Heathers The Musical

This is a real thing? I want this to come to Atlanta so bad!

Our best college students are very good at being critical. In fact being smart, for many, means being critical. Having strong critical skills shows that you will not be easily fooled. It is a sign of sophistication, especially when coupled with an acknowledgment of one’s own “privilege.”… But this ability will not take you very far beyond the university. Taking things apart, or taking people down, can provide the satisfactions of cynicism. But this is thin gruel.

The skill at unmasking error, or simple intellectual one-upmanship, is not totally without value, but we should be wary of creating a class of self-satisfied debunkers


Read this and pass it along to every college student and every parent of a college student you know, then revisit Daniel Dennett on how to criticize with kindness and argue intelligently

As I’ve written before, ours is a culture where it’s so much easier to be a critic than a celebrator. But, in the end, Vonnegut put it best

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This happens everytime I try to do a situp or pushup at home. Therefore, belly.

(I didn’t even know this show existed.)

This is a perfect example of how awesome—and infuriating—young people can be.  I love the confidence and cleverness these kids show, but can you imagine trying to discipline them?  I was never good at that as a teacher, and this is one of the reasons why.

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Harley Quinn’s Harlequin Mecha / Harley Quinn “bolondos” robotja

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I love good LEGO.


War…. War never changes….

LOL of the day.